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Coke Lady - Friday, 05-Nov-2004 08:59:01 EST
Well, I must have liked it, I was on till I went/read through all you shared with us. I will return. Thanks.

Anonymous - Saturday, 24-Jul-2004 23:09:23 EDT

Anonymous - Thursday, 17-Jun-2004 00:46:20 EDT

Peter Hwang - Friday, 08-Aug-2003 13:15:17 EDT
Why dumb things down? Your lips get tired?

Andrew - Friday, 25-Jul-2003 08:11:37 EDT
I found this site very useful

Anonymous - Thursday, 12-Jun-2003 12:32:55 EDT

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Anonymous - Thursday, 05-Jun-2003 07:41:58 EDT

Anonymous - Saturday, 31-May-2003 00:44:49 EDT

Anonymous - Sunday, 27-Apr-2003 09:47:22 EDT

Steve - Saturday, 14-Dec-2002 03:06:37 EST
Is this thing on?

Glen Reid Jr. - Wednesday, 12-Jun-02 11:06:24 EDT
An homage to a greatfully missing ingrate. (And I know that I used some words of more than one part.)

Steve Clark - Monday, 05-Mar-01 11:38:26 EST
Nice site but what is the point? Big Bro is dead to us anyway, and really I think that that is for the better. Anyways, peace out. Hope this site amuses you all.

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