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Here you will be told what has changed on this site and of news which might be of worth to fans of the site.
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At long last marks like .?;, and ! don't confuse the tool. It knows words for more than one of a thing to G and the use this word click is fixed. Next to add is the "make true" tool so that those in charge may add words to the real list.

Changed our host

Changed the hue of the site. Put up new quotes

Saw that some changed words were put in wrong to speak ill of folks; all changed words must now be turned on by one in charge. That tool will be here soon - for now, new words are stored but will not be used.

Put the same tool on the new words in the change words tool. The same tool says that the word which is not known is a one part word. It means you do not have to type it.

The first tool to change form big to small words is launched. More will be done as time goes by.

The site is launched. There is still a lot of work to do and we would love your help.

Note: These are not our words, but we must use them if we wish to use the list, so we do.

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