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Preamble to Declaration of Independence

When in the course of man's acts it is time for a new group of men to cut the bands which tie them with the old group, and to take from the strengths of the earth, their own place of the same worth to which the Laws of Life and Life's God give them, a good wish for the thoughts of men means that they should tell of the things that cause them to go their own way.
as told by Jeff

Declaration of Independence

When in the course of the lives of man, it is the case that one group of folks finds that they must break the ties which bind them to those from a far land, and to take in the midst of the states of the Earth, a place of their own to which the Laws of the Land and of Land's God grant to be theirs, a fair view to the thoughts of all men makes it the case that they should set forth why they have come to go out on their own.

We hold these truths to be clear on their face: that all men are made one and the same, that they have from their God firm rights which can not be lost, that on this list are to live, to be free, and to hunt for joy. That to get these rights, Men set some up to rule them, and these who rule get their leave to do so when the Men so grant them. That when a form of rule comes to wreck these rights, it is the right of the ruled to change or to end it, and to start a new way of rule, which will be based on such codes and set its force in such a way, as to them shall seem most sure to lead to their Shield and Joy. Care, it is sure, will make it the case that long rule shall not be changed for fads or for weak cause; and time has shown it to be so that men will bear vice so long as vice can be borne, than to right wrongs and end the forms which they are used to. But when sin and vice go on in a long train, with the End in mind to bound them in a state most Harsh, it is their right, it is their job, to throw off such rule, and to form new Guards so that they may be in safe hands in the time to come. Such has been the plight borne by these states, and such is the need, now, to change now they are ruled. The past of the man who is now King and who rules these states is a past of the same wrongs done time and time once more, all done with the goal of a harsh reign in these States. To prove this, let the world see these Facts:

  1. He has not seen eye to eye with us on Laws, the best and most key for the good of all the men.
  2. He has not let his men pass Laws which we find that we need but for those times when these laws are not in force till he has signed off on them. When they are not yet in force, he has shown no sense of a need to act to bring them to full force.
  3. He has not passed Laws for the use of large groups of our folks but in the case when these folks give up their right to have their own kind speak for them in the house of rule, a right of great worth to them and a fear to the harsh and to none else.
  4. He has called the house of rule to meet in odd and rough spots far from their own house of those notes held by all, and the sole point of this is to make them sign on to his acts through sheer lack of vim.
  5. He has shut down our own house of rule at more than one time and in more than one place, so that he may strike out at the rights of men.
  6. He has, in the time past when he has closed down a house of rule, not let us choose new men by our vote, hence the force of the Law, which we may not shut off, has come back to the men at large to be run; the State in the mean time set out to the risks of raids from far states and from war from its own men.
  7. He has gone on to try and stop those who wish to come to these States to live; to reach that end to block the laws by which men from far lands might come and join our state; to stop some men in their quest to come here, and to make it hard to add new land to our state.
  8. He has blocked the rule of law; he has not signed off on the laws by which we might set up courts.
  9. He has made those whom we call "Judge" fit to his will on its own for the length of time that they shall serve and for how and how much they shall be paid.
  10. He has set up a lot of New Posts, and sent out lots of his trained men to hound our folks, and eat out of their food.
  11. He has kept in our midst, in time of peace, Men of War, in spite of the fact that our men who rule do not back this.
  12. He has gone on to make the Armed men free of and at the same time with more force than the shared group of men who lead in peace.
  13. He has joined with men to see that we are judged in a way not in our bill of rights and not set out in our laws, and signs off on their fake laws:
    1. To place large groups of armed troops in our midst.
    2. To shield these troops, by a mock Trial, from fine if they should kill one of those who dwell in our state.
    3. To cut off our Trade with all parts of the world.
    4. To tax us when we have not backed such tax.
    5. To keep us, at times, from the boon of a group of our own men to judge us in court.
    6. To take us out of our state to be tried for fake wrongs.
    7. To take out the free scheme of laws in a land near us, to build there a Chance rule, and to add more land to it so that he may make it a means to do the same thing to our state.
    8. To take from us our Pacts, get rid of our most prized Laws, and change out forms of rule.
    9. To stop the work of our own house of rule, and to set them up as the sole judge of our acts in each case.
  14. He has ceased rule here, by his words that we are out of his safe guard and by his start of a War on our men.
  15. He has robbed on our seas, wrecked our Coasts, burnt our towns, and smashed the lives of our folks.
  16. He has at this time sent men of arms from lands way off to kill us, wreck us, and hold us back; work that has been launched in most harsh ways which have not been seen since times long past when fierce tribes fought, and which are not the sort of thing that a King of his rank should seek to do.
  17. He has forced our Men whom he has seized at sea to fight on his side in the war with our state, to kill their friends and kin, or to die of their own hands.
  18. He has raised some of our men to take up arms and fight with their folks of our state, and has set out to bring on those men who were here when we got here, the vile red men, whose known rule of war has as its goal the clear end to all folks.

At each stage of these harsh Acts We have made our case to have things set right in the most meek way: Our pleas have been met by more and more wrongs done to our men. A prince, whose ways are thus marked by each act which may call to mind a tough man of sin and vice, is not fit to rule free Men.

Nor have we lacked in mind paid to those who live far from us in the land of this King. We have warned them from time to time of tries made by their house of rule to launch its rule, with no cause, to link to us as well. We have brought back to their minds the how and why of our trip here and our lives here. We have made the case to their sense of right and good will, and we have begged them, by the ties of the past that we share, to throw out these strikes that harm us, that would soon come to block our bonds and news which might pass from us to them and back. They too have been deaf to the voice of Right and of these ties. Thus, we must give in to the need, that slams our new free state and hold them, as we hold all men, Foes in War, in Peace Friends.

We, thus, those who speak for the folks of this state, here come to act as one, make our case to God to rule that what we do is right, do, in the Name, and by the right which the good folks of this Place have bade us have, in a grave sense write down and state that these lands are, and of right ought to be free States, that they are no more are bound by ties to the Crown of the far land which rules us, and that all link from them and that land is and ought to be closed, and that as Free States on their own, they may wage War, come to terms on Peace, set up Groups of those with whom they share goals, take part in Trade, and to do all things which Free States may of right do. And for the aid of this new way which we have set in force, with a firm hope that the Lord will watch us and guide us, we pledge one to the next one our Lives, our Wealth, and our Word in the face of God.
as told by Mark-->