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One Part Words has been brought to you with the thought that all the things there are to say or know can be said or taught in one part words. One part words means just what it says, all the words will, when they are said, be made with one sound, not two. This may seem odd, but there are lots of strange things on the web, some of which are far worse than us.

As you might guess, this task takes some thought as it is hard to not use words which have more than one part. It is our great luck that the list of words we use is long, for we use a tongue which makes new words all the time and has been used for quite a while. Were we to speak a tongue like French, we could not do this.

As of now, we are in search of those who would like to help with our task. We need those who know a thing well to help us make it clear in words of but one part. We can help with the one part words if you can tell us all there is to know of some field.