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Please let us know what you think of our site. One part words would be nice, but we'll read what you choose to write.

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On 2004-11-05, Coke Lady said:
Well, I must have liked it, I was on till I went/read through all you shared with us.
I will return. Thanks.
On 2003-08-08, Peter Hwang said:
Why dumb things down? Your lips get tired?
On 2003-07-25, Andrew said:
I found this site very useful
On 2002-06-12, Glen Reid Jr. said:
An homage to a greatfully missing ingrate. (And I know that I used some words of more than one part.)
On 2001-03-05, Steve Clark said:
Nice site but what is the point? Big Bro is dead to us anyway, and really I think that that is for the better. Anyways, peace out. Hope this site amuses you all.

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