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Of Us

If you are new to our site, you may doubt that we are of our right minds. Be of good cheer, for we are. This task grows from an old game we once played and from our wish to test our skills. Our team so far:

Mark may have brought the use of one part words to the web. His ken of math is great. He is done with grad school and now shares what he knows with those who seek a BA or BS.
Fields: Math, Laws of the all, but not of men, things known to win game shows.
Ron has great skill with words and REITs.
Fields: Books, REITS
Steve brought this site to the Web. Like most of those here, some say he was Big Bro. He knows a few things, but none well.
Fields: Web, the box you see this on, films, ghosts, games.
Some Guy
Some guy had a page which had a long list of words which he used to spoof search tools. Steve stole the list of words and used it to help start some of our tools.
She works at a grade school and tries to teach 4th and 5th grade to kids who don't heed her words as much as they should.
Fields: Math, Lore of beasts and bugs, things known to win game shows, Steve.
Jeff may have been Big Bro as well. He wrote the list of what words mean.
Fields: Trees and plants, maps, math, the box you see this on.

Please don't think that if your field is shown here then we don't need you! Most fields are so big that we could use a whole troop of those who know them and still fall short of our goals. We'd like to add new fields too!