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We don't call these things films most of the time, but it's the one part word that works best <g>. Here you will find films with their plots boiled down to be short, just like the words used in the brief.

Be warned! We spill the beans on how things end, so you might not want to read these if you have not yet seen the film.

A Boy and His Dog
The bomb has been dropped and a boy and his dog (who can read minds) make their way in the world. The boy meets a girl and leaves the dog but it turns out she's a trap. He gets out and finds his dog near death. He feeds the girl to the dog.

Scots kill their foes and force them from their lands, they sack York and send down a head. Things go well, til the king takes a hand and has the Scots' chief killed. The Bruce, who had been scum in the past, at last gets it and leads the Scots back to war which they win.

Cutthroat Island
Men who steal boats on the sea are led by a girl with a map. They fight off foes and wind up with lots of gold and the girl falls in love with a guy.

Dusk 'Til Dawn 3: The Hangman's Daughter
A tale from the Old West of a bad man who runs when he is to be hanged. He is joined by a girl whose dad is the one who would have hanged him. They come to a bar, a fight breaks out and we learn how the bar in Dusk 'til Dawn came to be.

Escape from New York
The man who leads the USA is on a plan that lands in New York, which has been changed to a big jail. Snake is sent in to get him out in time for their to be peace. He gets him out, but the guy is a jerk and Snake screws up the guys life.

A girl who has a new mom is left to watch her mom's son. She does not care for the babe and makes a wish that the fae take him. They do and she must go to their land to get him back.

All those who live in a house are killed, then more who live in a house are killed. Soon it is clear that there is one who kills mom, dad, and the kids. A man tries to find the one who does it and he has to see an old foe to solve the case. This film was made years 'ere the two new ones but is by far the best.

Plan 9 from Outer Space
Ed Wood made this film, so you know it's good! Plan 9 lets folks who are not from our world make our dead fight for them. It turns out not to work and our world is saved.

Sixteen Candles
A girl starts off on a bad note when it seems that the day of her birth will pass with no note from her kin. She winds up with the guy of her dreams.

Steel Dawn
The bomb has been dropped and might now makes right. One man with a sword kills lots of his foes when they try to wreck the farm of his hot boss.

The English Patient
Set while the world is at war, this film sucks. A spy sells maps to our foes so he can go back to get the corpse of his friends wife. He and the wife made love, though she had a spouse. He is now burnt and wrecks the life of a nurse from the Great White North who falls in love with him. Like I said, the film sucks.

The Mummy
In the land of the Nile two groups chase the wealth of a lost town. When they find it they let loose a dead priest who has great skills with spells and can not be stopped. Of course, one of the men in the "good" group kills him to save the girl. It is a good film.

The Punisher
When his wife and kids are killed by a car bomb, a cop quits the force and kills the bad guys.

The Quiet Man
The Duke quits the ring and heads for the Green Isle for peace. He falls in love with a girl who live in the home of her kin who is a jerk. The Duke and her fall in love, her kin says no. He gets tricked so he says yes, then he keeps her stuff so The Duke kicks his butt and they all make up.

The Warriors
Gangs get called to a huge deal in New York. The man who called it is killed and the gang the film is named for is blamed. They win lots of fights on their way home and when they get to the beach the one who killed the guy waits to make sure they can not tell the truth. It turns out to be a bad plan for him and his friends.

Titan AE
Earth is wrecked and a boy whose dad was a big deal is the one chance to save it. He does.

Weird Science
Two geeks put bras on their heads and build a girl. She throws a bash at their house and they find real girls when they stand up to a group of jerks who crash the gig.

Two groups of folks who can do things most men can't do due to changed DNA get in a big fight and the good guys save the world from war.